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I lost my device, what should i do now?

In case of loss of your mobile phone, please follow immediately the following steps.

  • Barr all calls and deactivate your sim card through your mobile telephony company.
  • If you are a registered member and logged in to the system of stolendevice.com using your user name and password, choose the phone from the menu Manage devices and click at “SET THIS DEVICE AS LOST”. After that follow the steps below and complete the process.
  • Report your loss to the police.
  • Report the loss or the theft of your mobile phone to friends, acquaintances and the mobile telephony stores of your region.

I found an unknown device.

In case of finding an unknown device, please follow the steps below.

  • Try to find the IMEI number, written under the phone’s battery or use the known combination *#06#, if the phone is working.

To the section «Search on map», write the imei number of the device.

  • If the phone is registered, contact the owner using the contact data you will find.

If not:

  • Report to the relevant unit of the forum that you have found a phone.
  • Contact one of the persons to be found in the telephone directory of the phone, in order to find its legal owner.