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Application Stolen Device Tracker

By installing the application you can track your device in real time and view 30 its most recent positions recorded on the system.

If the SIM card is changed, an SMS alert with the new SIM ID will automatically be sent to the Alert Phone Number you have entered in the application settings.

1. Install application

You can download and install the application via Google Play (application name: Stolen Device Tracker) or via stolendevice.com.


2. How the application works

In order to use the application, you must register your device on stolendevice.com.

As soon as you have downloaded the application, go to Settings.

Enter an "Alert Phone Number", which can be your second mobile phone number or a relative’s number, in order to receive notifications via SMS, if, for example, your SIM card is changed.

By checking the box "Run at Startup", the application will automatically be launched, as soon as your device is switched on.

In the field "Tracking Code" enter the unique tracking code you will find in the section with the registration data of your phone on stolendevice.com.

In the field "Refresh Time" you can set the time intervals (in minutes) on which your phone will transmit its location data.

As soon as you have finished configuring the application, select "ΟΚ" to go to the application home screen.

By selecting "Start" you can run the application and transmit the location data of your phone via GPS in real time.

Your can track a device directly from the "Track" section by selecting the phone you wish to track.

Soon available!

The Lost Image

In case you lose your device, your photos album will surely attract the attention of the person who will find it.

In this case you will have a photo in your photo album, that will inform the one who found the device, by giving him all your contact details.

To create this image, you must be a registered member of stolendevice.com and signed in. After, on the main menu on the right side of the website, you will have to select the "Lost Image". Then fill in your details in the following fields and click "Create Lost Image" to create the image.

Once the image will be created, save it on your desktop by right clicking on it and then copy it from your computer to the device.